Your MVP, in 100 Days.

This is it! Being on this page means you've taken the first step in launching a successful software product. At AndPlus we understand the importance of getting to market as quickly as possible. Our 100 Day MVP plan allows you to hit the ground running with our design, architecture and engineering phases. 


This is a comprehensive e-book written in collaboration with our creative director, technical architects and operations director. It's nearly 20 pages of exclusive information that will have you ready to bring your vision to life.


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Need a quick crash-course in the 'MVP' methodology?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has only those features needed to validate its continued development. Its primary goal is to obtain this insight at a lower cost than that needed to develop a product with more features. 

Feature Prioritization

Our process begins by identifying the primary goal that will satisfy the customer and user. We select the methods that the MVP will use to accomplish this goal. Our design team then defines the minimum scope of work and use this list of features to map the ideal user journey.


Once the user journey is mapped, the code starts flowing. Early prototypes/wireframes are brought to life by our engineering team. We use an Agile Scrum process that is custom tailored to our industry. And that's the kicker. We don't just utilize this same Agile framework straight from the textbook, we take the years of experience we have and make it work for us. 


The fun part! Our sprints run in 2 week increments. You get actual working builds of your product every two weeks. These builds are tested, and iterated upon as the project moves forward. We pride ourselves on iterating these builds to perfection by launch day.


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The AndPlus 100 Day MVP. Get your product to market quickly, whether it's a web dashboard or mobile app.