We've been refining our process for a decade, and we've got it down.

Our process is what sets us apart. In fact, we've found that our clients have been adopting Agile+ internally for their own use. That's the AndPlus advantage.


How we create

We get it, everyone does Agile. You're actually unique if you *don't* use the Agile methodology to build software at this point.

The difference is, we've molded this framework to fit our industry, and yours. We've built a bespoke approach to software development and it has helped us create software more efficiently, while reducing our clients' technical & business risk.

Agile software development custom built at AndPlus

It starts with transparency

Engineering a custom piece of software from the ground up isn't always straightforward. From the moment we pick up the phone to talk to you until launch day, we operate with total transparency.

This means accurate estimates and even providing access to our internal project management software. You can track each user story in realtime as it's being built.

Agile software development custom built in Boston at AndPlus

Real humans reviewing your code.

Bespoke Technical Architecture

We have a team of senior technical architects that overlook every aspect of your project before the first line of code is written. They ensure that the correct technologies are being utilized (and in the correct ways!). Our TA's are experienced enough to be your outsourced CTO. They work directly with your team and ours to provide a future-proof and efficient deployment.


The AndPlus team conducts thorough peer code review after every user story. This helps single out basic logic errors, implementation of requirements, and making sure the code is conforming to the appropriate style guidelines. These code reviews in tandem with our rigorous QA process guarantees that we never cut any corners when it comes to your app's development. No automation here, real humans reviewing your code.

"Not only do code reviews prevent flawed logic and general errors, they end up exposing engineers to new ideas which help them write better code."

Get to Market... Faster.

We've mastered the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to launching software applications. This means that we prioritize the features necessary to build a functional app, release it and learn from real-world circumstances before we begin our next iteration. We've built a system of 4 'sprint' types to maximize efficiency and get your code out the door sooner. 


 Product Mapping

The Product Map Sprint is where we design the experience, and this is when the product starts to come to life. We incorporate real feedback and create demonstrable assets to gain consensus from your business, your customers, and the development team.



We find that incorporating designers into the dev cycle allows us to iterate to the best product possible. We are flexible to make changes as needed, all the while keeping the outcome consistent to the product goals.



This is it, preparation for the big day. The Launch Sprint is where we conduct our final regression testing and deployment to AWS, Azure or your infrastructure of choice. This is also the point where we finalize documentation and hand off the codebase to your internal team.



Launching your software doesn't mean the journey is over. In fact, the MVP is just the first big step of your journey. We maintain and update your application while we continue to iterate and build new features.

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