Is The New iPad a Bust?

Mar 9, 2012 4:37:27 AM

It’s beautiful. It’s fast. It’s sleek. It’s an iPad.

The unveiling of “The iPad” this week showed off the culmination of a years work at Apple. With the deafening buzz surrounding the preview of the new iPad to come, the Internet couldn’t help but speculate what Apple had in store. Rumors of a quad core processor surfaced. Some speculated that the new iPad would be running iOS 6. A photo surface of a button-less face of the iPad. Some even said that their was going to be a price hike of 80 dollars to the base wi-fi model. Fans speculated up until the 11th hour. Would it be the super device they were looking for, with all the bells and whistles of the prior models, plus some new mind blowing specs that that not even the biggest Apple fans could foresee?

The answer is no.

“The iPad” as Apple has dubbed it, is yet another small incremental upgrade from the hardware and software giant. Yes, their are a few welcome changes. A new super high resolution “Retina” display, a slightly upgraded processor, a better camera, and an incremental software bump to iOS 5.1 but that's about it. For a company that hails itself as leaders of innovation, “The iPad” isn't much of an innovation as it is an upgrade. In my opinion it would be silly for anyone who has an iPad2 to purchase an iPad 3. There just isn’t anything that the everyday consumer will notice that’s different when comparing the two. I’m sure Apple will sell just as many of these as it has sold with the iPad 1 and iPad 2. And I’m sure all of the Apple fans will drool all over the iPad 3 like they did with its predecessors. But to me, if Apple really wants to be seen as the future computing, they should focus on leading the innovation (like Microsoft is doing see: Microsoft 3D Computer) not selling devices.

Don’t get me wrong, “The iPad” is a great device, but i guess what I’m trying to say is I expect more out of Apple.

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Brian Geary

Written by Brian Geary

Brian is a true believer in the Agile process. He often assists the development process by performing the product owner role. In addition to his technical background, he is an experienced account manager with a background in design and marketing.

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