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Do businesses really need mobile websites? Is your website mobile ready?

First, a few stats about how consumers use their smartphones to access mobile internet:

  1. Its estimated by 2013 more people will be using their mobile devices to search the internet rather than PC's
  2. According to Google in “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users” 70% of mobile users have compared prices on their mobile,
  3. 65% have read product reviews
  4. And 50% mobile searches lead to a purchase.
  5. In addition Google discovered that 95% Smart phone users have searched for local information.
  6. 61% users will call the business
  7. And 59% visit the location.
  8. Of these people 90% will act within 24 hours.

Mobile websites have become a major part of how consumers are interacting with businesses. Mobile websites are formatted for the screens of mobile devices. This makes it easier for customers to navigate your website on their device with the use of larger text, larger buttons optimized for touch and formats the site so users won't have to zoom or scroll endlessly to find the information they are looking for. It also loads much faster than a desktop site would.

The following is a checklist for your mobile website. Be sure your website has each item on the list to ensure that your mobile website is highly accessible for your customers.

  • Compatible with feature phones and smartphones
  • Simple navigation, with as little scrolling as possible
  • No large blocks of text. Bullet points and short sentences are preferable.
  • Mobile sites need are navigated with your fingertips. Make sure buttons are large enough for bigger hands.
  • Make sure images are compressed to a smaller size so your page loads quicker
  • Click to call phone numbers is a powerful tool as well. Make sure your phone number is one click away from being dialed.
  • Local businesses should post there address as well as a map to your business. Mobile websites can access users location through their GPS and give directions to your business

It is no longer good enough just to have a website for your business. Today, millions of people are accessing the internet on their mobile devices looking for businesses just like yours. It is imperative for your business to go where the people are searching for you. The people are going to mobile devices, and so should you.

If you are looking to go mobile and aren't sure where to start, contact the experts on mobile websites here at AndPlus!


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Brian Geary

Written by Brian Geary

Brian is a true believer in the Agile process. He often assists the development process by performing the product owner role. In addition to his technical background, he is an experienced account manager with a background in design and marketing.

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