Native iPad application with full inventory and technical information at a glance.

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Cognex Corporation is the world’s leading provider of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and industrial ID readers used in manufacturing automation.

custom iOS apps for iPad and iPhone all built in-house at AndPlus


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"The team met tight deadlines to create a simple and clean solution. AndPlus demonstrated great project management through constant communication, internal sharing, and post-project follow up. They are knowledgeable and effective overall."

- Clutch Review


The Approach:

During the discovery process, AndPlus met with the sales and marketing team in order to uncover the specific needs of

1) how the marketing team continually updated content, and

2) how the sales team prepared and presented sales material to their prospects.

It became apparent that we needed to create an easy to use backend CMS so that the marketing team could update content in the application without the need for an app update. The marketing team was also looking forward into new product launches and how the app would need to be structured in order to handle new products. AndPlus' creative team was able to make a flexible "tiled" home page for the application in order to accommodatenew products in the design.

From the sales person person's perspective, the app needed to always have the most updated content even if the sales person didn't have internet. AndPlus built an offline syncing mechanism in order to make sure the sales person always had the most up to date content. 

Cognex custom iPad application built in house at AndPlus in Boston


How we architect custom iOS apps

It all starts with the AndPlus Technical Architects. A team of Senior Engineers that map out every possible tech stack for your project prior to kickoff. The right tech, every time.


The Result:

The iOS design & engineering teams at AndPlus architected a user experience that eliminates any need for a manual. The UI fit right into iOS seamlessly and allowed users to navigate, and manipulate data to their liking. This allowed Cognex to boost efficiency and reduce time spent training employees. 

Additionally, the design of the app allows for consistent updates as devices and operating systems advance. This future-proofs the application for the foreseeable future.



AndPlus understands the communication between building level devices and mobile devices and this experience allowed them to concentrate more on the UI functions of the project. They have built a custom BACnet MS/TP communication stack for our products and are looking at branching to other communication protocols to meet our market needs. AndPlus continues to drive our product management to excellence, often suggesting more meaningful approaches to complete a task, and offering feedback on UI and Human Interface based on their knowledge from past projects.

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