Android mobile app that connects to a variety of bluetooth data logging devices. 

Technologies Used

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Android (Java)
  • D3.js


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AndPlus has developed several Android apps to accompany iOS apps, which interact with a set of Bluetooth Low Energy products for a new line of data loggers. They have also worked on cloud integration.

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Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi and Cellular are engineered at AndPlus
Software for Bluetooth low energy data loggers designed and engineered at AndPlus

The Approach

An important use case for Onset's InTemp line of data loggers is in vaccine storage and transport. We needed to create an application that stayed in constant connection with many data loggers at once to ensure that these volatile medications stay within their ideal temperature and humidity. 

The Bluetooth radio in your average smartphone isn't built to communicate with 50 data loggers at once but the engineering team at AndPlus found a way to make it a reality. Our initial prototype hit a 96% success rate with constant, accurate communication. After this point we knew that we could make an even more robust product after this initial proof of concept.


Agile Scrum methodology helps us engineer software for bluetooth data loggers


How we architect solutions for Bluetooth Low Energy

It all starts with the AndPlus Technical Architects. A team of Senior Engineers that map out every possible tech stack for your project prior to kickoff. The right tech, every time.


The Solution

The development team at Onset already had a vision in mind. We worked closely with their engineers to create an Android application that utilizes their existing technology in addition to introducing new features. Pushing the limits of smartphone bluetooth capabilities while maintaining near 100% reliability was a challenge we were excited to take on.

Our engineers developed within a 'Reactive Framework' which allowed them to troubleshoot and solve issues as they came up at the most fundamental level. This allowed us to create medical grade software where reliability is essential. Now in its initial Beta release, Onset's customers are giving great feedback and we are excited to continue our co-development with this fantastic partner.

The project required 50 precise readouts per hour and push updates to Onset's cloud platform, InTemp Connect. The application is used throughout the shipping process and esnures that all vaccines stay at the proper temperature at all times. Through our collaborative effort with Onset we accomplished just that and built compatibility for Android 4.4 and up, providing years of backwards compatibility. 



AndPlus understands the communication between building level devices and mobile devices and this experience allowed them to concentrate more on the UI functions of the project. They have built a custom BACnet MS/TP communication stack for our products and are looking at branching to other communication protocols to meet our market needs. AndPlus continues to drive our product management to excellence, often suggesting more meaningful approaches to complete a task, and offering feedback on UI and Human Interface based on their knowledge from past projects.

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