Case Study:
Physician Consultation Application

Solution Format:
Mobile (iOS and Android) and
desktop applications

The Company:
MD Orbit - Entrepreneurial startup

Healthcare services and consulting


The Problem

In the past few years, patient care has undergone significant enhancements and improvements that enable patients to receive services from a myriad of highly specialized medical consultants. For many healthcare providers delivering support to patients, the task of matching patients with medical consultants and the handling of patient information in accordance with HIPPA guidelines has become a challenging process.

The process of aligning patient needs with healthcare consulting services in accordance with regulatory requirements is a time consuming, often inefficient, and laborious process.


The Solution 

The AndPlus mission was to improve the process that its client, MD Orbit, first conceived — a physician consultation mobile- and web-based application that would provide an efficient, user-friendly, HIPAA compliant method of requesting and receiving consultations for healthcare providers and their patients.

The initial key features of the application included the ability for:
  • Healthcare providers and patients (seekers) to send callback requests to specific consultants or consulting groups
  • Medical consultants to receive notifications and alerts for these requests
  • Medical consultants to review and respond via a phone call directly to seeker requests

Man doing fitness test on exercise bike at the medical centreThe application required numerous administrative functions that included the ability to manage subscriptions, payments, consultant groups, and other functional settings.

These and other requirements were identified to streamline, simplify, and secure a laborious process — improvements that would benefit patients, healthcare providers, and consultant providers alike.




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Results Summary

  • Initial concept development and rapid prototype creation for stakeholder feedback and support
  • Comprehensive communications channel application for managing referrals between healthcare providers, patients and medical consultants
  • Cross-platform capabilities: iOS-Android, Mobile-Web

The Outcome

While the client understood the problems of healthcare providers, the patients, and the healthcare consultants, the requirements and detailed functionality of the product needed to be identified, prioritized, and validated with the solution stakeholders. In addition, user journeys and product functionality were not defined by MD Orbit beyond the initial concepts of the solution.

In order to gain initial stakeholder support and feedback before and development efforts began, AndPlus guided MD Orbit to construct an initial solution prototype representing core functionality for a minimally viable product (MVP.) After receiving positive and affirming internal stakeholder and user feedback, MD Obit decided to move forward with the MVP product development.

The MVP product creation followed a 10-week Agile development process consisting of three primary phases: Product Map, Visual Design and Development, and Product Launch. Following a successful on-time, on-budget creation of the MVP product, MD Orbit expanded functionality of the application and began the process of introducing the service to the healthcare marketplace.

With the successful creation of the physician consultation applications completed, Parth Shukla, founder of MD Orbit stated, “In the beginning I had an idea of the problem that I wanted to solve. AndPlus brainstormed with me enhanced my concepts and then developed the communications platform.

When I started working with them, I immediately knew that it was going to be a great partnership. AndPlus was excellent. The people I showed their work to were blown away by the product. The AndPlus team did supreme quality work. It was world-class, and they delivered a beautiful product that works seamlessly and is integrated very nicely.”

Mission accomplished.

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