Process driven, not process constrained

At AndPlus, creating awesome software products is about being process driven, without sacrificing creativity and innovation. With a focus on user needs, every project follows our proven Agile-based process that delivers: 

  • Measurable, defined project phases
  • A collaborative, team-oriented environment
  • Customer feedback and participation throughout
  • Open communication that ensures "no surprises"
  • Rapid, cost effective development
Map and Prioritize Phase

Map & Prioritize

The process of creating an exceptional digital product begins by mapping and prioritizing the client and user goals. The Product Map Sprint is where we design the experience, and this is when the product starts to come to life. We incorporate real feedback and create demonstrable assets to gain consensus from your business, your customers, and the development team.

Mapping also establishes the product vision, defines the scope of work for the MVP, and uses the MVP feature list to create the ideal user journey. With the project timeline, scope, and budget well defined, we select the optimal method to accomplish these objectives.



Prototype & Develop

With the journey mapped and prioritized, the coding process starts. During development, early prototypes and wireframes are constructed and brought to life by our engineering teams. Leveraging vast experience gained from thousands of development cycles, our development teams use a highly refined Agile Scrum process that optimizes development and ensures each development phase is completed on time, on budget, and done right.

Get the "Selecting Digital Product Development Partner" white paper

This white paper outlines steps in the selection process, criteria for consideration, questions to ask, and things to look for when selecting a digital product development partner. It also contains a link to a companion workbook that will save time and improve the effectiveness of your partner selection process!


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Product Launch

Your product launch may seem like the end of the journey but it's just the first phase in the process of iterating your product, adding capabilities, and expanding functionality. Getting to market fast, gaining user feedback, and envisioning future product iterations are the key drivers in what to prioritize next and how your product will mature to deliver increased user value.

"They worked well with our team through the development process and delivered an award-winning application."

VP, National Nonprofit

LifeCycle Support

With your software product successfully launched, AndPlus also provides the lifecycle and support services that: maintain product security, update technology integrations, revise user experiences, ensure OS compatibility (versioning), provide technical support, and address product enhancements.


With ever-present security challenges and a dynamic environment of devices and integrations, AndPlus support can be a vital resource to help ensure the security of your digital product.

Technology Integrations

AndPlus support service can be utilized to ensure optimal functionality and compatibility of your digital product’s integrations with external services and technologies.

OS Versioning

As new OS versions are created, AndPlus support service can ensure product compatibility and leverage new OS functionality across multiple platforms.

Feature and UX Iteration

Based upon user feedback and experience, data-driven refinements and iterations can be made to enhance product features and utilization. 

Success Stories

Our dedicated team of seasoned software experts thrive on solving complex client challenges and delivering innovative technology solutions that fuel client success- each and every time.


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