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Software Quality Testing: The Parameters, Methodologies, and Tools

By Brian Geary on Aug 11, 2022 6:57:09 PM

Before you release software, you need to know whether it’s good enough. Software quality testing lets you know for sure that it’s ready to ship. It also gives you data and insights you can feed back upstream to fine-tune your processes, shorten and accelerate development cycles, and improve engineer and team performance.

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What to Research to Influence Your UI

By Brian Geary on Aug 4, 2022 7:34:39 PM

User interface design needs to be evidence-based to succeed. While there’s plenty of room for creativity, you have to know that your users will be able to navigate your interface successfully, achieve their goals with your product, and return to use it again. They don’t necessarily have to be ‘delighted’ by it, though that’s a plus. But they do have to be able to use it without experiencing failure or frustration. And you can only know if that’s true by research and testing.

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6 Ways Your Software Project Can Fail — and How to Rescue It

By Brian Geary on Aug 1, 2022 12:53:07 PM

Software development projects can transfigure businesses and transform their prospects. They can enable a business to address whole new markets or shave thousands of worker hours off tasks. They can also fail; in 2020, up to 66% of software development projects were partial or total failures, with larger projects more severely affected. We’ll talk about why that might be in this post, along with the main reasons why software projects fail and what developers and businesses can do to increase the chances of success.

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Ten Great Implementations that Demonstrate How IoT has Changed the Medical Industry Forever

By Brian Geary on Jul 22, 2022 2:25:20 PM

With IoT, the age of medical devices has truly arrived. Creative engineers and diligent application developers like AndPlus, have created devices that are both life-saving innovations and the start of a new healthcare data art form. And the momentum is spectacular.

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Ensono Doubles Down on Cloud with Acquisition of Cloud Native Development Firm AndPlus

By Brian Geary on Jul 13, 2022 10:05:06 AM


DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – July 12, 2022– Ensono, an expert technology adviser and managed service provider, announced its acquisition of AndPlus, a cloud native and data engineering firm. This acquisition continues Ensono’s strategic investment in scaling its cloud and data engineering capabilities and reinforces the company’s commitment to helping clients plan, build, migrate, and operate in the cloud.

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What Happens When the Internet of Things Goes Wrong

By Brian Geary on Jul 12, 2022 10:24:55 PM

Interest in the Internet of Things is booming, in the home, the office and the supply chain. It doesn’t feature any technologies that are revolutionary in themselves — sensors, motors, cameras, servers, internet connectivity, Bluetooth and mobile applications are all standard fare. But assembling them into giant networks that can monitor everything from doorways to energy usage to global supply chains is new. And sometimes it goes wrong. How does that happen, what are the consequences, and what can organizations do to prevent it?

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