Why UX Design is critical to digital product development

WHY UX design is so Important

User experience (UX) design creates the foundation of your digital product and is a vital component in its success and user adoption. As such, UX design is tightly integrated with every step of the development process aligning user interactions with your business objectives while, at the same time, creating positive and engaging user experiences with your organization.

But UX design impacts much more than just the development process—it has bottom-line organizational impacts. In fact, leading technology analysts report that organizations focused on UX financially outperform their peers by a substantial amount.

That’s what AndPlus UX Design services can do for you.

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AndPlus UX Design Services

While AndPlus UX Design services are tightly integrated with every AndPlus product development project, they also provide comprehensive user experience support to companies engaged with independently developed digital product projects.

From initial strategy to product release, AndPlus UX Design services encompass three key areas that ensure the success of your digital product development:

  • Strategic Design

  • Experience Design

  • Interface Design


Strategic Design

Using a blend of research methods and design thinking workshops, Strategic UX design works with business stakeholders to identify your current business challenges, your user perspectives, the user environments, and more. This information is then carefully analyzed to construct the solution objectives, the success factors of the ideal solution, and the best course of action to realize your business objectives.


Experience Design

Refining ideas from the strategic design phase, the Experience Design service works with product owners to creating the user profile and the corresponding user journey. Using iterative user testing and journey mapping, we design the process of how the users interact with the solution to achieve your business objectives, and we visualize this process using interactive wireframes.


Interface Design

With the user experience well defined, Interface design services works closely with product owners and the development team to design and refine how your users interact with the solution at the device level, across multiple device types and platforms. In addition, interface design focuses on supporting your corporate brand and overall aesthetics while simultaneously delivering an intuitive and engaging user experience that ultimately supports your business objectives.

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UX Design Services That Work with Your Development Team

AndPlus UX Design services can also work directly with your developers. As an extension of your development team, AndPlus UX Design provides the UX expertise that differentiates good digital products from great digital products - products that drive user adoption and deliver amazing user experiences.



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