Welcome to the AndPlus Innovation Lab

Our research and development paves the way for new technology

The 'innovation lab' consists of any employee that wants to participate. Whether it's machine learning, artificial intelligence or computer vision, new tech is all fair game. This keeps AndPlus on the bleeding edge of technological advancement and provides our clients with a team of engineers that can suggest and implement new features into their custom software.


Our internal research & development focuses on the up and coming. Tensorflow, Keras, Core ML, Blockchain, Augmented Reality and other complex technologies aren't just trendy buzzwords at AndPlus, they're a cultural centerpiece. While it's a given that our design team gets creative freedom, we find that innovation projects are the ideal way to allow our engineers to create.

Some examples of our work

Custom machine learning algorithms and implementation built in-house at AndPlus in Boston

Machine Learning

The innovation team got our first research paper published! This makes us the only tech company in the Boston area to publish tangible research & development.

Machine vision is where the innovation lab all started. We created a machine learning model that uses live video to classify images.

Computer & Machine Vision

Giving computers the gift of sight is a challenging but exciting field of computer science. The AndPlus team has been experimenting with webcams and mobile devices to bring machine vision to life.

AndPlus is proud to be the Boston area's only software design & development firm to have a research paper published. We stay on the bleeding edge of technology so our clients are always ahead of the curve. Interested in keeping up with our developments? Check out our blog.

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