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The AndPlus Advantage

Don’t Predict. Anticipate.

Being proactive is a necessity in our line of business; it's our job to anticipate the rise of promising technologies. Through the AndPlus Innovation Lab, we gain an understanding of how these technologies work and what they can do before they achieve mass adoption. As a result, we always have a handle on how the latest tech might give clients a leg up on the competition.

Drone in Flight

The Power of Innovation

Real-Time Learning

The AndPlus Innovation Lab is a forum where learning takes place every day. Ideas are born, theories tested, solutions created. Emerging technologies we work with include Machine Learning, Computer Vision, TensorFlow, Keras, Core ML, blockchain and augmented reality. It's our way of broadening our people's skillsets — and continually staying abreast of what's coming next.

Our Projects

Understanding Core ML

Machine Learning is a broad area of computer science ...

Computer & Machine Vision

Computer vision is... pretty much exactly what it sounds like. ...

RDBMS Optimization using Apache Kafka

Quickly calculating reports across large datasets can be a ...

AWS IoT Temperature Monitor

The temperature fluctuations within an office building are ...

Predictive Machine Learning using Clustering Algorithms

This Innovation Lab project was done in collaboration with our ...

Chatbot Powered by Amazon Lex

AndPlus was looking for ways to add some customer ...

Agile Deployments with Kubernetes

Manually managing deployments to staging and development ...

Augmented Reality with ARCore

Augmented Reality (AR) is an area of computer science that ...

Blockchain Token Incentives

eCommerce reviews are crucial in spawning interest in ...

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Machine Learning

Featured Research

Machine Learning involves providing computers with the ability to learn and improve via their own networks. In 2017 AndPlus became the first tech company in Greater Boston to publish a research paper on this topic.

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