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Closing The Strategy-Execution Gap

Many companies have a digital transformation strategy, and some have experienced early success. But many more are experiencing frustration in the pace of their progress or their lackluster results. Often, this is caused by a gap between strategy and implementation. We call this the "strategy-execution gap." 

This is where AndPlus' Digital Transformation Consulting focuses – helping our clients close the strategy-execution gap to accelerate transformation and realize business value sooner.

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Digital Transformation Consulting Solutions

Leveraging more than a decade of transformation experience, AndPlus delivers a wide array of strategic transformation consulting solutions that close the strategy-execution gap by aligning strategy, tactics, resources, and processes to accelerate and sustain transformation progress:

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Friction Assessment

The AndPlus Friction Assessment is a first step in identifying and quantifying the sources of friction that slow or limit transformation progress, productivity, and efficiency.

With a clear understanding of the causes and cost of friction and waste being incurred, organizations can take immediate and focused actions to increase the value delivered by their transformation teams and technology investments.

Download the Friction Assessment brochure.

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Operating Model & Governance

Many transformation roadmaps focus on the technology needed or desired experience, but it is also critical to address the “who” and “how” involved in doing the work of the business. This includes designing the operating model to best deliver on the desired outcomes, while accounting for change management considerations and potential risk to the enterprise.

An AndPlus Operating Model and Governance engagement enables organizations to achieve balanced governance that keeps transformations on track and ensures accountability and appropriate controls that support compliance while evolving empowered teams and decentralized decision-making.

Download the Operating Model & Governance brochure.

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Strategic Advisory

AndPlus’ Strategic Advisory service provides custom and personalized engagements designed to best meet the needs of each client. Our Digital Transformation team brings domain and industry expertise to advise, coach, consult, and partner on critical transformation challenges from strategy to execution. In addition to proven frameworks and methodology, we bring a spirit of partnership and flexibility that is about empowering you and your teams to meet transformation challenges head-on.

Download the Strategic Advisory brochure.

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Strategy Refresh

The AndPlus Strategy Refresh helps organizations close the gap between strategy and execution to accelerate digital transformation. Leveraging a proven framework addressing the dimensions of experience, technology, process, and people.

A Strategy Refresh engagement enables organizations to see what is holding the organization back from moving faster, making more progress, and achieving better outcomes, while delivering strategic and tactical adjustments that help to ensure transformation success.

Download the Strategy Refresh brochure.

Accelerating Transformation and Driving Value

For more than a decade, AndPlus strategists, builders, innovators, engineers, and designers have created strategies, processes, and products that accelerate transformation and deliver measurable value and exceptional user experiences by:

  • Aligning strategy, tactics, and resources to accelerate and sustain transformation progress

  • Designing and delivering frictionless experiences that delight users

  • Developing scalable applications and solutions that support critical business objectives

  • Increasing value and reducing waste through organizational design, processes, and governance

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