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Empowering an information search system 

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Web dashboard application custom built to manage Bloomberg's complex internal data structure.


  • Backbone.js
  • D3.js
  • SalesForce Integration
  • Sharepoint Integration


Helping clients extract value from data 

The Product Vision

Bloomberg is a leader in the financial services information space. They developed and launched a sophisticated information tool to help major banks with risk management. AndPlus designed an intuitive web application that drives the sophisticated system engine allowing users to dive deep into 'dark data' within their network.


"The quality of the work got better over time, which is a product of their understanding more over time of what we were trying to build and what our coding style is like. We really needed a partner who could offer us consulting on how things can be done efficiently and that is something that they were able to do for us as well."

- David Cutler Senior Product Manager, Bloomberg

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The Challenge

Bloomberg's challenge was that they did not have sufficient technical bandwidth to complete this project as quickly as needed. AndPlus' experience in front end development and working with large datasets and complex APIs made for a great fit for this project. The Agile process also allowed AndPlus to experiment with new features and iterate on them quickly to meet Bloomberg's customer's needs.

AndPlus developed and implemented a dynamic UI/UX that: 

  • Allows powerful eDiscovery search and analytics
  • Has end-end information control and governance
  • Handles all types of data: documents, social media, email, mobile and instant messaging


Bloomberg application's dashboard

The Solution

AndPlus created the Bloomberg vault -- a scalable system that provides firms with a unified archiving solution in the cloud, for all communication, in a single platform. This simplifies the compliance review workflows and speeds the eDiscovery processes. Bloomberg Vault is compliant with SEC and FINRA guidelines, which allows Bloomberg to issue attestation letters to the regulators on a firm's behalf. This allows firms to reduce operational overhead, access powerful search and analytics, and streamline legal and regulatory investigations.

With AndPlus' help, Bloomberg was able to launch a web application that displays all of the information necessary for banks to mitigate risk. Progress with the web application continues as updates and new elements are created. 

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