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Safest Driver is cross platform mobile app that monitors driver behavior


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Most people want to be safe drivers. Too often, cars and roads are full of distracted that lead to unsafe behaviors. By accurately measuring driving quality with smartphone and IoT sensors, Safest Driver is making roads safer for everyone.

Time to initial Launch
5 Sprints

  • Product Strategy
  • Technical Strategy
  • iOS & Android Application Development

Connecting people with safe driving habits

The Challenge

Annually there are 20-50 million automobile crash-related injuries worldwide. CMT partnered with AndPlus to make the world’s roads safer using mobile sensing and IoT, machine learning, and behavioral science. The culmination of our efforts was Safest Driver, a complete telematics and behavioral analytics mobile application.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics' goal was to improve safety for the connected car world. Safest Driver provides actionable insights on driver behavior and vehicle dynamics to auto insurers, vehicle fleets, auto makers, wireless carriers, and government agencies, and is being used successfully in a wide range of applications.

"They asked the right questions to execute and implemented their plans quickly."

- Ev Jordan VP of Consumer Products, Cambridge Mobile Telematics

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Safe Driving Mobile application

Product Map Sprint

CMT approached AndPlus with a mission to make the world's roads safer. The initial goal was to develop a custom iOS application that adds a game-like element to the user experience.

The goal was to increase engagement with consumers while staying true to the vision of increasing road safety. Rapidly prototyping, developing, and releasing the first version of the iOS application allowed us to gather many insights for creating the Android variant.

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Agile Approach

With our product roadmap in hand after the  initial two-week sprint, the team kicked off the design and development process. The AndPlus team quickly became proficient with CMT's proprietary software development kit and began building applications that effectively interact with the CMT codebase.

Throughout the development process, we maintained a two-week sprint cadence. This allowed us to rapidly test application functionality, validate user responses, and update or change features in accordance with actual user data and feedback. 



reduction in phone distraction


reduction of hard braking


reduction of at-risk speeding

The Result

Soon after launch into the iOS and Android app stores, Safest Driver has yielded a 35% reduction in distracted driving among users. Cambridge Mobile Telematics also implemented a safe driving contest right into the app, it's currently running across 3 cities with thousands of users. Adding a competitive aspect to the application has further increased road safety, including a 20% reduction in hard braking and another 20% reduction of at-risk speeding. 

We are continuing to work alongside CMT as a natural extension of their team and consultation partner to bring safer drivers to your neighborhood.

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