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Based upon and entrepreneur's initial vision, AndPlus developers were tasked to design and create a social media platform intended exclusively for sports fans. More specifically, build an Android and iOS mobile platform with curated content for just the teams, leagues, and players that a sports fan cares about.



  • iOS/Android mobile development

  • Web feed integration

“AndPlus built a high-performing, highly scalable, and reliable application. Those are three very important adjectives in my work, and they’ve hit all of them.”

Dave Arnett
CEO and Co-Founder


Founders Dave Arnett and David Ludwig wanted to create a social media platform designed exclusively for sports fans. Specifically, they wanted a platform with curated content for just the teams, leagues, and players that a sports fan cares about.

They wanted users to be able to look at scores and chat with their friends at the same time, and they wanted users to participate in the action through sports trivia, team picks, and more. When they couldn’t find a platform to do all of that, they decided to build one. After careful research and evaluation, they choose AndPlus.

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AndPlus’ mission was to first identify and understand the business objectives and the vision for this startup endeavor. That meant identifying, and organizing the possible capabilities of the solution, developing an understanding the user requirements, and then to constructing a comprehensive product roadmap for the initial release.

To promote optimal adoption, the mobile application needed to be cross-platform compatible for iOS and Android operating systems, and it needed to be operable on the myriad of device form factors available in these operating systems.

The initial key feature requirements of the solution included the ability to:

  • Engage users with scoreboards and box scores

  • Chat with other sports fans and friends

  • Provide users with multimedia interaction with one another regarding sports-related topics, games, statistics, trivia, and breaking news

The application also required many administrative functions such as enrollment, log In, forgotten password, and user security requirements. Other requirements and considerations involved gamification strategies and features, team and sport selections, game and contest scoring and comparisons, user notifications, sports feeds, … and more.


  • Cross-Platform iOS and Android app built with Ionic w/ React.JS

  • Backend:
    • .Net Core
  • Integrations:
    • Twilio for chat

    • Multiple sports information/service feeds

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The project started with nothing more than a concept and client-provided napkin drawing. Using a highly customized version of the Agile development process, called AGILE+, AndPlus development teams worked with the client to expand the solution vision and create an initial “product map” during a 2-week sprint. The product map, which acts as a critical definition of the development process to follow, addressed the business outputs of the solution, features and functionality of the initial release, the user experience, technical deliverables, and the resource and time requirements needed to complete the project.

With the product map completed the development process was initiated. Before any code was written application wireframes were created to visualize and validate the user experience and gain stakeholder commitment to the desired product. Focusing on development and UX design, the development process was divided into eight (8), 2-week sprints - each consisting of planning, designing, developing, testing, and iteration steps. Throughout the development process and at the conclusion of each sprint, teams worked closely with the client to ensure that there was alignment between the product vision, solution stakeholders, and the development teams.

With the development phase completed in the planned timeframe, a 1-week product launch sprint cycle was initiated. During the product launch sprint final regression testing was confirmed and user acceptance testing completed. As the product launch was completed, comprehensive documentation was provided to the client and the Chuck application code was deployed to the iOS and Android application stores.

With the Chuck application live on the iOS and Android application stores in advance of the Fall NFL kickoff, sports fans have a great way to follow your teams, check scores and stats, read sports news, test their sports trivia knowledge, and have fun being a fan with their friends. Looks like Chuck hit it out of the park with sports fans. 

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