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Crunched is a single-page web application that talks to a REST API written in C#/.NET, and hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform, which AndPlus configured and deployed to on behalf of their client. The system is designed to handle massive amounts of data -- ranging from basic bookkeeping transactions to company and vendor profile pages, complete with pictures for easy reference by users. Our database and back-end systems are designed to scale to enterprise-level usage.


  • C#/.net
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Backbone Javascript

Helping business owners do what they do best — run their business. 

The Product Vision

Crunched is a company on a mission -- to make the lives of small business owners easier. As a CPA, founder Chris Reims knows how painful some of the big accounting and bookkeeping solutions can be. Along with AndPlus, he set out to build a new system that is straightforward and easy to use. With a modern and attractive UI, Crunched is a cost-effective and easy-to-use accounting application designed to help business owners do what they do best -- run their business.


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The Challenge

Accounting software isn't necessarily new to the market, but Crunched wanted to change the landscape of financial technology. They set out to create a beautifully designed, intuitive and functional web dashboard that anyone can get the hang of quickly. Small business owners know the struggle of dealing with competing products so the Crunched team decided to make these issues a thing of the past.

The goal was to design and engineer a responsive web app from the ground up and they knew AndPlus was the team to create it.


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The Solution

Beyond basic double-entry accounting, the Crunched system provides a great deal of business insight and convenient functionality for end users. AndPlus worked with the Crunched accounting team to build out powerful reports that are easy to understand for busy professionals. For important issues or errors, the Crunched system provides highly-visible notifications in the carefully-designed User Interface. From the system, users can generate and track invoices and print checks -- complex functionality that AndPlus was able to perfect. Finally, AndPlus helped the Crunched team ensure that customers’ data is appropriately backed up and that data is never lost.



The Result
Crunched is now growing quickly and being used by more and more business owners to manage their finances. Working with partners across the country, the Crunched team expects their product to quickly become a common name with business owners everywhere.
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