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Helping restaurants food & operations run like clockwork

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Create a back-office platform that allows restaurant managers and companies to manage food costs, labor and reporting.

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6 Sprints

  • Product Strategy
  • CX Design
  • Web Application Development

Business Intelligence & Reporting: Data warehousing, realtime dashboards and alerts, team scheduling, labor law compliance, and so much more. 

The Challenge

For 25 years, CrunchTime! has provided restaurants with a platform to optimize their back of house food and labor operations. In that time, CrunchTime! has outpaced its competitors and the platform has organically grown to displace  competitive products.

Due to its substantial growth, CrunchTime! had previously offered customers a number functions based upon an incomplete understanding of the customer’s needs and usage patterns. As a result, CrunchTime! recognized the need to expand the functionality and ease of use of their restaurant management software and chose AndPlus to make it happen.

"They are adaptable and attentive, ensuring future engagement."

- Eric Cox, VP of Product Strategy, Crunchtime!

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Research and Immersion

Focused on the three areas of the application that were most valuable to the users, we began the requirements definition process. We interviewed client service representatives to better understand user needs, how users interact with the CrunchTime! application, and how these interactions support their business objectives. 

In addition, CrunchTime! identified a group of users with a variety of skill ranges in order to further refine and validate the application's functional requirements. Using the current state application, AndPlus performed contextual inquiries with each user to achieve a better understanding of how users interact with the application and how they perceive those interactions. This work established a solid baseline for new product development.

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Ideation and Design

After conducting  multiple workshops with CrunchTime!, we synthesized our research and found common pain points in the user journey(s) to be addressed. With this information, we created future state user journeys and obtained feedback from CrunchTime! and their client services teams. All of this information was then used to construct solution wireframes that reflect  existing usability paradigms and  UX best practices, all the time being driven by our understanding of the end users.

With extensive CrunchTime! input, we refined our wireframes and created an application prototype to test with users. We returned to our end users and gave them tasks to perform within the prototypes in order to validate the new design. Prototypes that had opportunities for improvement were modified and re-submitted for user validation. Once application proved both user-intuitive and effective in accomplishing the business objectives, they were moved to Development.


of managers that believe their
mobile strategy will drive sales


believe it will reduce labor costs


believe mobile will save time
and money on back-end functions

The Result
In addition to providing CrunchTime! with user journeys and mockups, we translated the user interface patterns utilized into a comprehensive application library. This library provided CrunchTime! with documented user patterns constructed by actual user behaviors, allowing CrunchTime! to implement future features and tools that keep restaurants running at peak efficiency and performance.
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