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Custom Product
Ordering Software for
Phoenix Controls



"We need to build a valve configuration tool to allow building engineers to select the right product from our catalog for their job."

Technology used

  • Electron
  • React

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Medical, educational, and government facilities require highly controlled environments for accurate research and safe study and production of materials. Phoenix Controls, a company specializing in airflow technology, needed a tool to allow building engineers to select the exact products for their job, and didn’t have an efficient system to place orders. Because Phoenix Controls’ flow control valves are custom designed for specific environments, each valve is unique for every individual building or room it monitors. Client purchases, originally carried out by email or selected by a physical flowchart, caused buyer friction by making it more difficult to select the proper equipment. Furthermore, a physical ordering process, rather than digital, had potential to decrease value through a confusing and possibly inaccurate product order.


Instead of ordering airflow valves by searching through a flowchart sent by mail or email, AndPlus created a software platform to digitize what was a “pen and paper” process. Using the same components of the original flowchart, our program simplified buying via a software guide, or “wizard,” replacing everything that used to be done by hand. Our digital integration walked the customer through the entire buying process so they could easily select and customize a highly specialized product with ease.

The software guide was based on the original ordering flowchart, but our integration included significant UX and UI improvements, both for the client and the company. Notably, users could now navigate back and forth within the guide and make changes to the order, as well as handle multiple orders at once, where previously only one order could be placed at a time. The company could now handle multiple orders from the same client within one transaction. They could then automatically receive orders and easily edit and solve any problems before the order was placed. 

Rather than make the client hand pick through their product needs with the original flowchart, a series of drop-down menus with options throughout each category made customizing the product much easier. When a client finalized the order, our software automatically generated a PDF detailing the full order, including each line item. Then, a member of Phoenix Controls’ sales team could use the PDF to complete the order seamlessly.


AndPlus’s automated software unlocks potential for better product selection, resulting in better accuracy for an extremely particular product with precise specifications. Phoenix Controls’ sales teams and vendors are now able to have more informed conversations with possible buyers, and buyers have the knowledge that using our custom guide helps them find the best product for their needs, ensuring better safety protocols and achieving long-term savings goals. Overall, automation of the buying process ensures accuracy, safety, and savings for Phoenix Controls.


  • Easier, more accurate ordering process for Phoenix Controls customers
  • Ability to add multiple orders to one transaction

Technology Used

  • Electron
  • React

About Phoenix Controls

Phoenix Controls creates airflow and pressurization control solutions that combine room safety and energy savings. Founded in 1985, Phoenix Controls manufactures precision airflow systems for use in critical room environments such as hospitals, universities, government research facilities, and more.


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