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Genetic Testing Results Application


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A responsive web application that works across all platforms. This allowed GoodStart and their patients to access the database and scheduling features from any device at any time.


  • Backbone.js
  • Java Spring backend
  • JMS Queue integration
  • Custom REST API

Delivering clinicians and their patients with highly comprehensive and accurate tests. 

The Product Vision

Good Start Genetics harnesses a powerful, proprietary and extensively validated next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform to deliver highly comprehensive and highly accurate tests. Their goal is to provide clinicians and their patients with the highest carrier detection rates possible.

The GoodStart Genetics PersonalVu Portal uses an intuitive, modern UI to allow patients to check their genetic testing results easily and securely. Tied into two REST APIs, an ERP system, a JMS Queue, and an outside scheduling service, PersonalVu makes it easy for patients to see what their results are and take action if any abnormalities are detected.


"Overall, our experience with AndPlus has been very positive. They worked well with our team through the development process, delivered an award-winning app, and did it within the stated timeframe."

Project Manager, GoodStart Genetics

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The Challenge

GoodStart Genetics is a genetics company based in Cambridge. They specialize in using advanced Next-Generation Sequencing to deliver highly accurate and comprehensive genetic testing. GoodStart quickly realized that a web portal for patients was key to taking their services to the next level. AndPlus has a history of building HIPAA/PHIPA/FDA approved software and complex responsive web dashboards to complete the task at hand.


GoodStart Desktop and Mobile Application Mockup

The Solution

To ensure security, AndPlus built a custom REST API using the Java Spring framework, this API communicated with both a Backbone/Handlebars single-page web application and to GoodStart's existing REST API and their JMS Queue for delivering patient results. The AndPlus API tied PersonalVu user accounts to patient records in the GoodStart ERP system to ensure that the right patient got the right results every time. AndPlus also integrated with an outside scheduling service to allow patients to book an appointment with a GoodStart Genetic Counselor right from the portal, ensuring that patients have access to the resources they need at the click of a button, and building a new revenue stream for GoodStart. The web application used a modern, attractive design and incorporated videos to help patients learn more about their genetic test results.

At the end of our engagement, AndPlus worked closely with GoodStart Genetics’ internal software team to hand over the codebase and internalize future development at GoodStart. We also assisted the GoodStart team with configuring their AWS servers to properly host the application, and effectively deploying it. The well-documented and clearly-written code is modular, simple to maintain, and easy to update for the GoodStart engineers. By using common and lightweight frameworks and languages, AndPlus ensured that the software written has a low cost of ownership and will continue to be an asset for their clients well into the future.



The Result
PersonalVu is now a central resource for thousands of patients across the country, and provides an easy way for patients to access and understand their genetic testing results, helping parents nationwide prepare for their future.
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