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Onset data loggers are world-class IoT devices that have a variety of uses such as vaccine transport and agriculture.

Time for intial Launch
8 Sprints

  • Hardware prototyping
  • Firmware prototyping
  • Cloud infrastructure 
  • Android development

Custom Android application development with BLE integration

The Challenge

Temperature and environmental conditions are critical when is comes to vaccine storage and transportation in the supply chain. Measuring, reviewing and auditing temperature data during storage and supply chain is a full time job. The objective behind CX Gateway is to reduce the time and effort of tracking temperature for vaccines by creating a gateway that can readout many different BLE data loggers and store its information in the cloud.

"What has impressed me the most is their ability to understand and internalize the needs of our customers"

- Erich Roth, Director of Software Engineering, Onset


Product Map Sprint

During the Product Map Sprint, AndPlus worked with Onset in order to evaluate different methods of pulling in data from many different data loggers and send the data to the cloud. Through research and rapid prototypes, we landed on a "headless" Android solution (which could use slightly refactored code from the Onset HoboMobile Android app) that would be the basis of the Gateway software. 

The Bluetooth radio in your average smartphone isn't built to communicate with 50 data loggers at once but the engineering team at AndPlus found a way to make it a reality. Our initial prototype hit a 96% success rate with constant, accurate communication. After this point we knew that we could make an even more robust product after this initial proof of concept.


Agile Approach

The development team at Onset already had a vision in mind. We worked closely with their engineers to create an Android application that utilizes their existing technology in addition to introducing new features. Pushing the limits of smartphone bluetooth capabilities while maintaining near 100% reliability was a challenge we were excited to take on.

Our engineers developed within a 'Reactive Framework' which allowed them to troubleshoot and solve issues as they came up at the most fundamental level. This allowed us to create medical grade software where reliability is essential. Now in its initial Beta release, Onset's customers are giving great feedback and we are excited to continue our co-development with this fantastic partner.



Percent reliability in initial prototype


Precise readouts per minute

The Result

Onset and AndPlus collaborated to create an IoT solution that utilized BLE in order to continuously connect to many CX400 data loggers in succession, pull data from individual loggers and send that data to the cloud. The CX Gateway requires little to no interaction from the end user. Individual loggers are configured in order to set the rate of which data is pulled from the CX Android mobile app (which was built with AndPlus and Onset collaboration). CX Gateway users are able to interact with the data using Onset's HOBOware software in order to understand trends, alerts/alarms, and analytics.

The project required 50 precise readouts per hour and push updates to Onset's cloud platform, InTemp Connect. The application is used throughout the shipping process and esnures that all vaccines stay at the proper temperature at all times. Through our collaborative effort with Onset we accomplished just that and built compatibility for Android 4.4 and up, providing years of backwards compatibility. 


Onset-Phones v3 copy

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