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Medical equipment monitoring and problem alerting system


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Designed a monitoring system for medical instruments that allows lab techs and managers to not only be notified of an error in real time, but also to be notified of the potential source of the error so it can quickly be addressed and eliminated.


  • Hardware prototyping
  • Firmware prototyping
  • Cloud infrastructure 
  • Android development

Custom application that optimizes equipment uptime, improves operational efficiencies and reduces equipment downtime


New advancements in medical technology have produced lab instruments that save hours of time when tested against traditional lab processing methods. However, these instruments require human intervention to insert samples, for cleaning and maintenance, removing samples, and more. As with all human intervention, there’s an ever-present potential for error, and because these machines require upkeep and replenishing of physical materials, there’s a laundry list of potential errors that can occur.

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In a lab where thousands of results are analyzed daily, deciphering a generic error code and troubleshooting the source is incredibly time consuming and inefficient. Inaccurate error reporting also means there’s a good chance the same mistakes are being made over and over, bottlenecking output and slowing the overall lab processes.

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To combat these inefficiencies, AndPlus designed a monitoring system for medical instruments that includes cameras, passive error listeners, video diagnostics, and a notification system that allows lab techs and managers to not only be notified of an error in real time, but to also be notified of the potential source of the error so it can be addressed and eliminated.



  • .net backend
  • Javascript React front end
  • Twilio messaging platform
  • ly link shortener
  • AWS hosting
  • GDPR compliance
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The first development phase of the monitoring system sent a text message with a link to an end user that directed them to an in-depth view of the error that occurred. The link included a short video, an image, or a message to help pinpoint the problem. 

When this initial model proved successful, a more robust version of the platform was developed with the intention to be sold as a product. Phase two included compatibility with a range of medical instruments.

The next iteration of this product (currently in development), involves a dashboard that displays uptime, downtime, throughput, and deeper notification settings for the monitoring systems of multiple instruments. Extensive research of the lab processes will be conducted, with the goal of designing a synergistic UX to organically incorporate the lab’s workflow with the interface. This dashboard will be used to analyze the lab’s performance and help to improve processes and provide transparency to leadership teams.

The next iteration will also integrate mobile app into the platform that will provide a deeper, more robust user experience where information from the monitoring system can be accessed, tracked, stored, and shared with built in GDPR compliance.

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