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IoT: Creating the Next Generation View Monitor


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Phoenix Controls, a subsidiary of Honeywell, is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision airflow control systems for use in critical room environments.

The View Monitor combines a modern design, and 7” touch screen, with the ability to display data and edit set points in a BACnet MS/TP network interface. The View can display such critical data as Air Changes per hour, Room Occupancy, Room Offset, temperature and has the capability to display custom messages, all in a flush mounted tablet.


  • Android Development (Java)
  • Firmware Development
  • BACnet Integration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • UI/UX Development
  • Custom Single App Mode for Android

For businesses demanding precision airflow control for critical spaces.

The Product Vision

For more than 25 years, the name Phoenix Controls has meant peace of mind for thousands of corporations around the globe. Generally, as building airflow control systems become more complex, their maintenance costs rise. Phoenix Controls defies this trend by delivering an energy efficient, easy to use,  critical room control system that requires virtually no maintenance for the entire life of the building.

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Control valve with touchscreen control panel

The Challenge

Phoenix Controls manufactures valves that are commonly found in hospital rooms and labratories to provide reliable space pressurization. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Phoenix knew that they needed to update their controls to look and feel as high-end as their air handling valves are. Phoenix contracted AndPlus to build a new custom touchscreen control interface that would directly interact with their high precision air handling valves.

AndPlus' first task was to open up communication between the BACnet controller that is onboard on the Air handling unit, and the Android tablet that Phoenix has chosen for their touch screen interface. AndPlus was able to customize an RS232 connector to communicate over twisted pair wiring in order to read and write the points that BACnet communicated over. Once AndPlus was able to establish communication, the Agile software development process began to build out the specific user stories necessary to deliver a market-ready product to Phoenix's customers. 


Phoenix control interface mockup

The Solution

The solution delivered to Phoenix Controls is now installed in hundreds of its client hospitals worldwide, providing users with easy access to essential environmental data. Operators can quickly understand high and low limits, occupancy and alarm status. It’s also easy to make changes using the touch screen interface. The use of an agile development approach was very effective, and Phoenix Controls was very satisfied with the outcome as well as with the ongoing incremental updates added by AndPlus. Finding the right, agile solution for a client's problem is par for the course for the AndPlus team. Whatever the issue facing your company, a consultation with our engineers will provide previously unconsidered options for you.



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