"Leading in the Gap" - Quontic: Focusing on Transformation’s Vision

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Angela Spencer, SVP for AndPlus’ Digital Transformation practice, speaks with Steve Schnall, Founder and CEO of Quontic, an adaptive digital bank. Steve shares some of the strategies and tactics that enabled Quontic's business model transformation from a community bank to sucessful FinTech, including:

  • Keeping employees focused on transformation's "north star"
  • Quontic's four core values that serve as the cornerstones for Quontic's transformation culture

About the "Leading in the Gap" Series
Leading transformation is challenging work and for companies undergoing transformation, everyone is living in the gap – the gap that exists between the current state and the desired future state (i.e., where the organization aspires to be.) The responsibility of transformation leaders is to lead through this gap and bring people and organizations along the way. This brings special leadership challenges.

In the “Leading in the Gap” series you will hear from transformation leaders working in various industries and explore their thoughts and experiences about the challenges of leading in the gap, what has worked for them, lessons learned along the way, and what they wish someone had told them to better prepare for the role of leading in the gap.

Video Participants
Host: Angela Spencer, SVP for AndPlus’ Digital Transformation practice.
Guest: Steve Schnall is the Founder and CEO of Quontic, an adaptive digital bank that empowers its customers financially while embracing their diverse circumstances. As a serial entrepreneur, Steve has a passion for business startups and serving the communities in which they reside. He has a proven track record of founding several successful private and public companies across a variety of industries, including Quontic, New York Mortgage Trust (a publicly traded mortgage REIT and national mortgage finance company), Fit Athletic Holdings (a California based luxury health and fitness chain), Realmor Capital (a NYC based real estate investment and development firm), and Restaurant.com (an early-stage dot-com).
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