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An eCommerce platform utilizing a custom Ethereum token.

Technologies Used

    • React/Typescript
    • Swagger
    • Docker
    • EditorConfig
    • Ethereum - ERC 20 Tokens
    • Solidity
      • .NET Core 2.0

mose and keyboard with the Etherium logo image suspended in mid-air
Laptop monitor positioned on desk  showing computer code


Our Research

The popularity around blockchain and ERC20 tokens make them the perfect incentive for quality content creators. By awarding quality content with tokens users will strive to create better content. The decentralized nature of the blockchain allows these reward tokens to exist across several different platforms without any requirement that they share a codebase. Platforms that allow tokens to be redeemed for discounts and free products will generate sales from the token holders as well as additional quality reviews. The ERC20 token creation process is straightforward and can be easily replicated to create new ICOs for clients on the Ethereum network or to offer private features on the AndPlus Ethereum network.

Computer caircuit cards in rack with connected wires and cables
Diagram of 8 computers arranged in a circle, each connected to the others



The end result of the project was an eCommerce platform fully integrated into the AndPlus Ethereum network. The website is able to transfer ERC20 tokens to users who received positive feedback on their reviews. The user is able to see their current token balance at the top of the webpage. The website itself acts as an account on the blockchain and moves its balance to the different wallets based on review interactions. While wallets are currently created for each new account in the system, external wallets on the same chain could be imported to the user's account to help them centralize their currencies.

The backend of the project involved both an API capable of communicating with the blockchain but also an ERC20 token contract created as the token currency. The ERC20 token was customized to support our eCommerce demo website but can be used in any other platform running on the AndPlus Ethereum network.


How it Was Done

  • An eCommerce ecosystem prototype was created to facilitate the creation of event reviews for other users within the system.
  • A rating system was implemented so that users could self-curate good and bad reviews to prevent non-constructive content from taking center stage.
  • Each positive rating on a review awards the user with a ReviewToken: our custom ERC20 token that exists in the private AndPlus Ethereum chain.
  • ReviewTokens can be exchanged for discounts for future events ensuring that the best content creators are writing more future content.
  • MetaMask, a chrome plugin for viewing Ethereum networks, was used to give real-time insight into the AndPlus Ethereum network


AndPlus understands the communication between building level devices and mobile devices and this experience allowed them to concentrate more on the UI functions of the project. They have built a custom BACnet MS/TP communication stack for our products and are looking at branching to other communication protocols to meet our market needs. AndPlus continues to drive our product management to excellence, often suggesting more meaningful approaches to complete a task, and offering feedback on UI and Human Interface based on their knowledge from past projects.

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