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About “Leading in the Gap”

Gap_203291797-2 smLeading transformation is challenging work and for companies undergoing transformation, everyone is living in the gap – the gap that exists between the current state and the desired future state (i.e., where the organization aspires to be.) The responsibility of transformation leaders is to lead through this gap and bring people and organizations along the way. This brings special leadership challenges.

Recognizing that successful digital transformation is about more than just technology, AndPlus created its “Leading in the Gap” podcast and video series. Leading in the Gap features interviews with transformation leaders and experts. The slate of guests is intentionally diverse spanning different industries, types of companies, levels of digital maturity, company cultures, and even personal leadership styles.  

Just as there is no “one-size-fits-all” transformation strategy, there is no single way to successfully lead people and organizations through transformation. Leading in the Gap aims to give a voice to hard-earned lessons from those that have “been there, done that” and be a source of sound advice, positive encouragement, and diverse perspectives on transformation leadership.


Resources for Transformation Leaders

In the resources that follow, transformation leaders can find valuable insights and perspectives gained from interviews with experienced and successful transformation leaders. Each of these full-length interviews was also segmented into multiple 3- to 5-minute videos focused on specific aspects of transformation leadership. In addition, we have included additional resources for transformation leaders.



Amerisure 1.2
  • Shifting to a more dynamic culture and managing risks of disruption
  • Cultivating a culture of experimentation and continual learning
  • Handling uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Empowering teams and creating a culture of experimentation
  • The CIO’s role in orchestrating transformation
  • Scaling agile and managing risk of disruption in an intentional way
  • Handling setbacks and demonstrating transparency


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Image of Dr. Shelley Johnsom Dean, Florida A andM University School of Nursing
  • Digital transformation at the FAMU School of Nursing
  • Transformation challenges during the pandemic
  • Tips for communicating during transformations
  • Motivating people over the long haul
  • Practicing self-care in the transformation journey


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Image of Kate Kelley, Chief Human Capital Officer, US Army FUtures Command

  • The role of Army Futures Command in transforming the U.S. Army
  • The challenges of transformation that are similar for the U.S. Army and for corporations
  • People being the Army’s #1 transformation priority
  • Influencing and winning hearts & minds during transformation
  • Getting comfortable with ambiguity


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Image of Steve Schnall, Founder and CEO of Quontic Bank

  • Transformation in banking
  • The importance of the vision in transformation
  • Hiring the right team to empower transformation
  • Balancing transformation risks and rewards
  • A key insight and takeaway - what he wishes he knew at the start of transformation


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Image of Udit Mehta, Chief Digital Officer, Carrier - Fire and Security

  • Defining “digital transformation”
  • Influencing up and across
  •  Co-creating with customers
  • The Chief Digital Officer’s role
  •  Looking to the future
  • Advice for transformation leaders

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Image of Melissa Ehresman, Chief Digital Officer, USAA

  • How transformation leadership can differ from other leadership roles
  • The “golden nuggets” to effective transformation leadership
  •  Key challenges faced in transformation
  • How to keep people engaged in the transformation process
  • Managing the pace of change

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illustration of two people sitting at desk Tex reads Getting the most from your digital transformation? we can help.


Here are just a few of the “Leading in the Gap” short videos arranged by topic. Visit the resource library for a complete list of available “Leading in the Gap” videos.




Lessons Learned

What leaders wish they had known at the start of her transformation journey

Maintaining Perspective: FAMU

Getting Comfortable with Ambiguity: AFC

Advice for Transformation Leaders: Carrier

Wish I Knew Then, What I know Now: Quontic

Leadership Golden Nuggets: USAA

Gaining Stakeholder Support

Gaining and maintaining organizational support and engagement for transformation

Keeping Teams Engaged: USAA 

Stakeholder Onboarding and Commitment: FAMU

Winning Hearts and Minds: AFC

Influencing Up and Across: Carrier

Effective Communications

Tips for communicating throughout transformation

Challenging the Status Quo: Quontic

 Tips for Communicating: FAMU

The Leader’s Role in Influencing: AFC

Acquiring Talent

How hiring decision can have a profound effect on transformation success

Hiring’s Role in Transformation: Quontic

Finding and Amplifying Talent: AFC

Transformation Vision

The importance of creating a transformation “north star”

Focusing on Transformation’s Vision: Quontic

People as a Priority: AFC

Leader Motivation and Care

Addresses how leaders maintain motivation and address the need for self-care

Self-Care in the Transformation Journey: FAMU

Staying Motivated: Carrier

Defining Digital Transformation

Leader’ view of what transformation means in their organization

Defining Digital Transformation: Carrier

Transformation in Banking: Quontic

Transforming FAMU’s School of Nursing: FAMU



Other Resources for Transformation Leaders


Visit the AndPlus Resource Library for additional digital transformation, digital product development and user experience resources.


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