Handling Small Business Tech Problems

Mar 24, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Learn_How_to_Best_Handle_Every_Small_Business_Technology_Problem.jpgAs an IT executive, you may not have the resources or the manpower to immediately handle every small business problem related to technology that arises. Consequently, you might have plenty of small issues that need to be resolved before they develop into larger problems. Here are some common small business technology headaches and tips that will help you resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Problem: Lack of Technology Standardization

Without a defined plan for standardization, the IT department may spend a substantial amount of time and effort trying to find a new computer solution each time a new issue pops up. For instance, a solution for the same problem for a Mac computer may not work for a Windows computer experiencing the same problem.

To create a defined standardization plan for your organization start with the hardware and software. If possible, the same type of hardware and software should be used throughout the organization. For example, you might only purchase one brand of computers for the business. You can do this by ordering all computers, as well as other hardware and software, all at once.

Problem: Loss of Data

Another common small business problem is the loss of valuable data and information relevant to the business. While hacking is a common cause of data loss, human error and the breakdown or lack of technology far more common.

In order to prevent the loss of data, you should have the data of the organization backed up regularly. Many small businesses fail to back up their data and applications because they're focusing on seemingly more urgent matters, such as product and service development. Backing up business data is essential, especially if it's all stored on a single server. If all the business data sits on a laptop or tablet, you will be out of luck when it fails.

Cloud storage is an easy and inexpensive way for the IT department to backup the data and apps. Most cloud storage solutions are set up so that your business data will be backed up automatically on a regular basis. If you backup online, ensure that your data is encrypted.

Problem: Security Threats

Many IT departments of small businesses frequently have to deal with the issue of viruses and malware threats successfully infiltrating the networks of the organization. If you're tired of hearing about yet another computer that has been infected with a virus, your IT department should consider restricting computer use within the company to business only.

While employees should be given as much freedom as feasible for efficient operation of the business. Nonetheless, there is simply too much potential danger for giving them access options that are not related directly to the business itself. Put policies in place that define permitted use of computer resources. Implement a software solution to track employee use of computers and block access to selected websites.

Problem: Software Bugs

It can be tempting to purchase new software as soon as it comes out. While new software has its advantages, it can also have quite a few disadvantages.

Many tech companies, such as Google, are notorious for releasing software and relying on feedback from the first clients to help them identify and fix any bugs. Wait six months or more before you get purchase new software. Give it time to mature.

There are many headaches and issues that are unique to the IT departments of small businesses. Lack of manpower and funds can make it difficult for an IT department to deal with these issues. Fortunately, the solutions discussed above can provide some relief for common small business headaches. If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to contact us.

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