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How Cloud-Native Architecture Empowers the Internet of Things

By Brian Geary on May 23, 2022 2:05:50 PM

Cloud-native applications can give organizations seemingly contradictory results: huge networks that are lightning-fast, open communication with excellent security, tight integration with high adaptability. It’s made possible by a different approach to the whole idea of what an application is and how to build one. In this post, we’ll talk about how that works, what organizations should look out for and what the benefits of cloud-native applications are. But first, when we say ‘cloud-native,’ what exactly does that mean?

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The AndPlus Guide to IoT Frameworks

By Brian Geary on May 3, 2022 6:43:38 PM

IoT frameworks exist to help you create IoT solutions without doing all your own development. Some simply give you a structure to work inside; others offer you enterprise-level data analysis and control — for a price. Choosing the right one is a key part of the success of your IoT project.

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The State of SMBs and IoT

By Brian Geary on Apr 28, 2022 1:38:41 PM

The Internet of Things is growing exponentially as organizations of every size take advantage of its capacity to accelerate processes, while making them simultaneously more efficient. In many cases, organizations begin with these limited goals and find their businesses reoriented in previously unthought-of directions by the possibilities of the IoT.

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Which Operating System Should You Use for Your IOT Solution?

By Brian Geary on Apr 22, 2022 4:48:23 PM

The operating system of your IoT devices is a vital piece of the puzzle that determines whether your IoT implementation will be successful or not. Operating systems have to match hardware, offer the right environment for applications, and work with all the other elements of your organization. They also have to be maintained and secured.

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Don’t Be the Next SolarWinds: Secure Your IIoT Network

By Brian Geary on Apr 14, 2022 1:57:39 PM

IIoT devices are often insecure, and networks are frequently configured to allow for rapid, easy deployment and communication. Security is typically an afterthought until something goes wrong, or isn’t addressed with the right approach and toolkit.

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Why NOT Being First To Market Can Be A Better Strategy

By Brian Geary on Apr 6, 2022 3:43:40 PM

‘How to be first to market’ returns 3.8 billion results from Google. That’s a lot of advice, and some of it’s great advice. But what if it’s the right advice about how to do the wrong thing?

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